When did the startup boom peak? – Marketingwithanoy

The starting market is global in footprint, varied in focus, diverse in business model and constantly evolving. The venture capital market, meanwhile, is slowing down, but it has also changed over the past decade.

Startups and their funders went a little crazy last year, raising too much money, often at unsustainable prices. We are now seeing a collective hangover making its way through global startup markets.

You all know that. This afternoon we look at a related matter. Yes, charts that once only pointed upwards now only point downwards, but when will we reach the local maximum? Both startup and venture capital have peaked at some point in recent quarters — but when?

The answer is actually a bit less clear than we expected. Drawing on some new data from Crunchbase News, let’s try to figure out when the music really stopped and reality descended.

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