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Michael Calore: It’s the factory in Taiwan that builds things.

Lauren Goode: It is true. It is true. Supposedly, these chips will be ready next year and it will give a lot of boost in terms of performance, power consumption, just the area for computers. It’s going to be like an impressive leap, but it just has not happened yet. So Apple continues the march with the MacBook laptops, but for Brenda’s point, this may not be the biggest leap in chips we heard about this week.

Michael Calore: Right. Okay. Well, that seems like a great place to end it. So let’s take another break. And when we return, we will follow our recommendations.


Michael Calore: OK, this is the last of the show where we all recommend things that our listeners can enjoy. Brenda, as our guest you must go first. What is your recommendation?

Brenda Stolyar: Stranger Things. Specifically, season 4 I’m not done with it yet. But if you’re the one … I do not know, probably the only person on the planet who has not yet seen Stranger Things, just do it. You’re not cool if you do not see it. So far, I think I love it. I know you’re like that too …

Michael Calore: Yes.

Brenda Stolyar: … in season 4.

Michael Calore: Yup.

Brenda Stolyar: And the one thing about the program that I want to say is that every time a season comes out, I say, “This is my favorite season.” And I’m starting to think that season 4 might be my new favorite season.

Michael Calore: It’s much stronger than I expected.

Brenda Stolyar: Yes. I mean, what is it, $ 30 million per. episode?

Michael Calore: How much do they spend then?

Brenda Stolyar: Yes.

Michael Calore: It feels like that.

Brenda Stolyar: I’m almost 99.9 percent sure it’s $ 30 million. So Netflix is ​​just throwing money at this show, and I’m here for it.

Michael Calore: At least a million of it goes to Kate Bush because they play her song on a loop throughout the season.

Brenda Stolyar: Oh my God, yes. She probably woke up just one morning and had it all …

Michael Calore: A good check.

Brenda Stolyar: Yes. Had a lot more money.

Michael Calore: Okay, well you know, the sections are really long too. Each of them is over an hour. So each episode feels like an episode in a movie series, which is a little nice.

Brenda Stolyar: Yes. Literally, usually binge-watcher I. And this one has taken me … I’m embarrassed to say I’m not done with it yet because I usually just watch it at once. And these take me some time.

Michael Calore: Yes.

Brenda Stolyar: Five hours go by and I’m not done.

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