What do Big Tech earnings tell us about the health of consumer demand? – Marketingwithanoy

How healthy is the market for technology products today?

The question is too broad. Major markets can have mixed internal results that contrast with revenue figures. An example of this from recent history is disparate returns in venture capital activity that we have noticed around the world. While the overall venture capital market is slowing, we have also seen strengths in certain regions. Are tech sales comparable?

Some secular trends are driving technology growth. The relocation of on-premises solutions to public cloud providers, for example with business customers. As we learned when COVID-19 triggered the global lockdown a few years ago, economic downturns don’t necessarily affect most of the tech world as much as they do other parts of the global economy. (This may be why software valuations are no longer losing ground, despite a deteriorating global macroeconomic profile.)

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But that’s the business perspective. What about consumers? How are the people out there doing? Today, we’re taking a look at the week’s Big Tech results to try and answer that specific question, directly related to startups looking to meet the same consumer demands.

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