Top 10 Android Phones (2022): Unlocked, Cheap, Foldable | MarketingwithAnoy

We have recommendations for a few popular devices, such as Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series or Google Pixel Phones. It’s smart to slam a case on these glass sandwiches and even a screen protector to keep the screen free of scratches and scuffs. Here are a few other notable accessories, including charging adapters, like many phones do not include more.

Anchor Nano Pro 20-Watt charges for $ 20: This little charger will be all that most people need to charge most smartphones. It is compact, reliable and inexpensive, even when the pins are not folded.

Satechi 108-Watt USB-C charger for $ 75: A single-port charger can be annoying. This one from Satechi is slim enough to carry anywhere (with folding pins), but it can quickly charge virtually any Android phone at the highest possible speeds and still have enough power to charge a laptop or tablet. If you want a USB-A and USB-C port, I like this one 65-watt model from Nimble.

Nimble PowerKnit USB-C to USB-C cable for $ 25: These are by far the most attractive cables I have ever used. They feel durable, support up to 60 watts of power, are BPA- and PVC-free and are made from certified recycled plastic and aluminum, so they are more environmentally friendly than most cables out there. You can choose from three size options.

Peak Design Samsung and Pixel Everyday Case for $ 40: If you have a new one Samsung or Pixel phone, and you often mount your phone on a bicycle or scooter, you owe it to yourself to get hold of this case and Peak Designs bicycle holder. The case clicks perfectly into the bracket, is very easy to release and has not yet fallen off after months of driving. Peak Design also sells several other accessories you can attach to the back of these cases.

Nimble Champ laptop charges 10,000 mAh: This laptop battery is small enough to carry in a bag, but has enough power to completely recharge your phone once or twice. There is a USB-C and USB-A port, it delivers 18 watts of power so it can recharge your tablet or phone, and it is housed in 73 percent post-consumer plastic with plastic-free packaging.

Select a wireless charger: Our guide to the best wireless chargers includes dozens of models in different colors, shapes and materials, and even some designed for specific phones. Not all Android phones support wireless charging, but it is a luxury you would like to take advantage of. Take a look at our guide for our favorites.

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