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Temporary relief can come, despite structural exit problems

Are startups real? is likely to suffer a lengthy, painful delay?

Now that we’re halfway through the year, the mounting clouds for startups around the world don’t seem to have broken into storms, leaving us wondering if the market today is really that bad for corporate fundraising, and therefore for the health of companies. startups.

There are other positives to consider: Job growth in the critical US market remains strong, software stock value may have bottomed out, many startups are catching up and there is plenty of dry powder in the market looking for a deal. Can we be ready for an H2 2022 boot recovery?

We’re not ready to make a formal forecast yet, but data and certain market dynamics could put startups in a pretty good position in the second half of the year. Let’s talk about the bull case for startups for the rest of 2022.

A recovery?

According to PitchBook data Marketingwithanoy discussed earlier this week, we’re seeing venture capital activity slowing from a hyperactive 2021. This was to be expected.

But it also reported that U.S. venture capitalists alone have raised more than $120 billion so far by 2022. That sets Yankee capital allocators in the private market on pace to beat the $138.9 billion they raised last year and the $13 billion they raised last year. 85.4 billion raised in 2020, a number that, while a record at the time, pales in comparison to the recent pace of venture capital fundraising.

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