The best Xbox Game Pass games, from ‘Citizen Sleeper’ to ‘Weird West’ | MarketingwithAnoy

As an eager gamer, I have stuck to my Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, even when other services received the chop. With more than 100 titles and regular additions available to me, I consistently discover new games I like, and the $ 15 monthly fee feels worth it. Over a year, it splits down to around the cost of buying three AAA games.

An Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription comes with access to EA Play and Xbox Live Gold. If you’re not interested in online multiplayer games, Microsoft offers a more budget-friendly level that costs $ 10 a month. For non-Xbox gamers, PC game pass ($ 10 / month) have many of the same titles. (Do you own a PlayStation or Switch? See our guide to the most popular game subscription services.)

To help you choose which ones you want to download first, WIRED reviewed the Game Pass catalog and rounded up excellent titles we think you will enjoy. From the latest releases to satisfying returns, our genre-exciting selection of the best Game Pass games has something for everyone.

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