The best climbing equipment for beginners (2022): Harnesses, safety devices and helmets | MarketingwithAnoy

Climbing has never been more popular. Whether you discover outdoor climbing nearby Mountain project or google local indoor climbing gyms, you have probably got a climbing spot near your home, no matter where you live. Most climbers become familiar with safety routines, language use and gear when climbing indoors. But it’s great to start outdoors if you fall in with the right climbers or sign up for one American Mountain Guides Association-accredited course.

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, you need some important equipment. I keep it simple (and affordable) in this guide as it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the jargon of technical equipment. You are also not going to be a climbing guide until you are more experienced, so I have left out things like ropes and quickdraws that your climbing leader wants. You can manage with any flexible clothing (no jeans!), But I suggest you turn to technical synthetic layers to climb outside.

Updated June 2022: We’ve added Camp Nano 22, Photon Lock, Metolius Refillable Chalk Sock and the Black Diamond Creek 20 backpack.

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