The advertising delay hurts Big Tech – Marketingwithanoy

After Snap Does Bad received Q1 summary and ahead of this week’s series of earnings reports from the largest US tech companies, we wondered if the ad market is in trouble. Not that most people associate Microsoft or Apple with advertising the way they might with Alphabet or Meta, but the majors — Amazon and Apple included — have material-sized advertising companies, meaning the ad market affects every one of them.

(That ads are considered a mediocre business model for smaller companies and startups — loosely speaking — but a huge revenue stream for platform companies says something interesting about competition within the tech industry. But maybe that’s a topic for another day.)

Now, with three of the five majors reporting their Q2 results, how are their ad results?

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Demand is seeping through to other parts of the economy: Tech companies are making huge revenues from hosting ad, but with companies as far away as Netflix working hard to bolster their subscription revenues through advertising, the issue of ad performance is not standing still. and impacts trillions of dollars in business value.

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