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Surface Laptop Go 2 is an iterative upgrade from the previous model, there is no doubt about that. But as a device that prioritizes design, portability, and ease of use, it might just be a sharp decision that keeps the price of this upscale portable pocket within a student’s reach.

This laptop is an absolute pleasure to use. Those who may not be able to afford a more expensive MacBook but have long wanted to buy one should definitely look at the Surface Laptop Go 2. It is the closest you can get to a cheap Apple clap device.

It is super slim and much of the laptop is made of stylish and lightweight aluminum. But unlike the MacBook, it also comes in a colorful set of shades. It’s pretty much the same selection as last time, with a nice Sage addition. I have tested Ice Blue, which is understated, but the shade gives it a refreshing pop. This is a device that you will happily pack in and out of a bag every day, making sure you have something that looks good and feels built to last.

Keys performance

Photo: Microsoft

Working on this laptop is a breeze, with a keyboard that is one of the best to get your essays and considerations down. The keys have a large amount of travel for a device so thin, and a good level of feedback that stays right on the right side of the porridge to remain satisfying.

The trackpad is not the largest, but it is also not a large device, and luckily it is accurate and clicks from corner to corner. What fails the bottom half of this laptop is the lack of backlighting, which can make things difficult in a darkened lecture hall. The fingerprint button – available on the two 8 GB RAM models, but not 4 GB – gets some light, so you can at least log in right away. Somewhat surprisingly, this Surface device does not offer Microsoft’s Windows Hello face logo, but the webcam quality is still half decent.

In addition to the lack of keyboard backlighting, there are a few other compromises with varying power levels. The screen has a resolution of between 1080p and 720p and you would think this would be a big obstacle but it is not personal. Assisted by the small 12.4-inch screen size, it envelops the low resolution in vibrant colors and a good level of detail. Its 3: 2 aspect ratio also improves the productivity of the laptop. Screen brightness is fine: You will not have trouble working in most scenarios. But use outside is a no, and the glossy display does not help either.

You also only get an Intel 11th Gen chip, rather than one from the latest 12th generation. For a device that costs you up to $ 500, you can expect the very latest components, but the results do not make much of a compromise at all. Combined with 8GB of RAM – the model I tested – the chip provides more than enough for both notes and web browsers. The low price is a big part of the attraction of the Surface Laptop Go 2, and given how it works in reality, a 12th generation processor does not seem to be worth the likely price increase.

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