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If you work in an office, chances are you spend a lot of time on Slack. The messaging platform in the workplace has become an even more important tool in working from home. And it has rolled out new things to copy the atmosphere of the office, online. Last year, Slack introduced Huddles – a spontaneous sound space you can join directly in Slack – and it quickly became the fastest-adopted feature in Slack’s history. Now the company is adding video to Huddles, and is on its way to becoming a full-fledged video conferencing service.


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This week at Gadget Lab, WIRED writers Lauren Goode and Gilad Edelman are chatting about Zoomification of Slack, whether we really need another video chat app, and what it all means for how we communicate online.

Show notes

Read Lauren’s story about how the future of Slack looks very much like Zoom. Read Mat Honan’s 2014 WIRED profile by Slack founder Stewart Butterfield. Here’s Clive Thompson’s piece on how it’s time for “maximum viable product. “


Gilad recommends getting one the chef’s forehead. Lauren recommends using the Calendar chatbot in Slack.

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