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And that’s day two in the books!

Marketingwithanoy again spent much of the day watching a parade of startups that attended as part of Y Combinator’s Winter 2022 cohort, Demo Day part two† Yes, that’s a mouthful. But we did learn a lot.

You can find all our coverage here, but what matters is that themes from the YC environment come to the fore. Southeast Asia is a huge target for startups, with a myriad of business models for the population. Fintech was again a huge category of work around the world.

There were also a few surprises. Frankly, we expected more crypto (web3? blockchain?) companies to be in the mix. And while there were a number of API-first startups, there were fewer than we could have imagined. That said, we don’t know the exact monetization method of every software startup that pitched, so we’re under-counting.

As always, to round out the day, we picked a few favorites from the day’s presentations. Each Marketingwithanoy reporter has their own interests and subject areas, so the following is not that we endorse any particular company or declare winners. Instead they are favorites, the company that caught our attention as the most interesting. Thank you to Devin Coldeway, Mary Ann Azevedo and Christine Hall for their contribution.

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Our favorite startups from YC Winter 2022, day two

The following list is in no particular order. Websites of companies and Twitter profiles of authors are linked.

Christine Hall: DimOrder

  • Details: DimOrder, a Hong Kong-based company founded in 2019, is developing a POS system for restaurants in Southeast Asia. Its technology enables people in the food and beverage industry to accept online payments, sell to customers, order food from suppliers and receive short-term loans.
  • Why it’s a favourite: Restaurant technology is big right now and there is a llllooootttt of the funding going into this space. DimOrder generates monthly recurring revenue of $183,000 and is growing at 13% month over month. As the daughter of a former hotel chef, I watched my father write his food order lists on a notepad and call them up. I think systems like this would have given him that time to focus on other things.

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