java – Is it possible to broadcast a stream in Java 8?

Is it possible to cast a stream in Java 8? Suppose I have a list of objects, I can do something like this to filter out all additional objects:

Stream.of(objects).filter(c -> c instanceof Client)

After this though, if I want to do something with the clients, I would have to launch each of them:

Stream.of(objects).filter(c -> c instanceof Client)
    .map(c -> ((Client) c).getID()).forEach(System.out::println);

It looks a bit ugly. Is it possible to broadcast an entire stream to a different type? Like the cast Stream aa Stream?

Please ignore the fact that doing things like this would likely mean bad design. We do stuff like that in my computer class, so I was looking into the new features in Java 8 and was curious if this was possible.

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