java – Collectors.toMap () keyMapper

I’m trying to find a more concise expression for the “keyMapper” function parameter in the following call Collectors.toMap():

List roster = ...;

Map map = 
                new Function() { 
                    public String apply(Person p) { return p.getLast(); } 

It looks like I should be able to embed it using a lambda expression, but I can’t find one that compiles it. (I’m pretty new to Lambdas, so that’s no surprise.)

Thank you.

-> Update:

As stated in the accepted answer


it is what I was looking for and it is something I had tried. However, the problem was the BETA_8 night build of Eclipse 4.3, which was flagged as bad. When compiled from the command line (which I should have done before publishing), it worked. So, it’s time to file a bug with

Thank you.

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