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Autumn boys is now free to play and available on Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles as well as PC. With a splash back in 2020, you have probably seen the colorful, amorphous bean-shaped figures of Autumn boysdressed in light suit and fleets through racetracks. Epic gamesknown for Fortnitebought the fast battle royale and the free version was launched in june with millions of players.

Through a series of semi-random mini-games you can reach your goal Autumn boys must be the last bean that stands. You may have to race against your opponents to a finish line by navigating difficult obstacles, working on other beans to grab tails, or simply surviving your teammates on a rolling bar. Sixty players come in. Only one winner. Whether you’re a new player or you’ve been on the Bean scene for a while, our tips might help you improve your gameplay so you can collect those sweet, sweet crowns.

1. Time your jumps

It may be easy to focus solely on running towards your goal, but there are other controls available that you should not discredit. First: to jump. A well-timed jump can help boost you toward the middle of a crowd, get you away from the novice behind you, or get you over the finish line milliseconds before you would otherwise be disqualified.

2. Do not forget to grab

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Grip is an important trait you will need to master if you ever hope to climb over walls or up ramps. Timing can be difficult, but keep trying and you will quickly pick it up. You can even grab other players to hamper their progress (or rob them of their tail in some game modes).

Bonus: There is an achievement to “hug” another player if they grab you while you grab them. Aww.

3. Learn when to dive

The skewed physique of this game is funny. You will find that you can build momentum very quickly, which hampers your ability to navigate some obstacles. This is where diving is essential. Diving will save your life – if there is one move you need to have in your arsenal, it is this.

Diving is also handy when trying to avoid obstacles like swinging axes or fan blades. If you time it right, you can throw your body forward, just missing the element that would have thrown you into oblivion. Diving also helps you down slime-covered hills faster. Dive! Continually! (Unless you are on a long, straight stretch because diving slows you down.)

4. Fall can also help

Sometimes a well-timed fall or dive can bring you closer to your goal than running would ever have done. This is especially true in racing mini-games. Falling is inevitable, but if you do it on purpose, the elements on the game board can throw you around in such a way that you end up miles ahead of where you intended. If in doubt, try to fall.

5. Follow Crowd

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Are you in doubt about where to go? Playing a new board? In these cases, it is a good idea to follow the rest of your beanmates. If everyone seems to be running in one direction, it’s a safe bet to do what they do, or at least check it out. Unless you know exactly what you are doing, it may not be a good idea to go rogue.

6. But also, slow down

In games like Autumn boys, it’s easy to fall into the frenetic pace of other players. This is how you end up in a loop where you constantly fall victim to the same obstacles while watching your odds of qualifying fall by the second. Try to slow down. Yes, your current mini-game may be literally a race, but changing your timing or running at your own speed to avoid certain obstacles will be faster in the long run than running at top speed. Stay calm and do not panic.

7. Let the wave of players take you

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There will inevitably be a point where you end up stuck in the middle of several other hectic prayer people. Instead of trying to fight the crowd, go with the flow and look for a way out after the other players are scattered. If you try to escape, you risk falling and being trampled – or completely knocked off the board. Remember, in the early rounds you do not have to be the best, you just have to be better than the worst.

8. You do not have to spend money

While playing Autumn boys, you will earn Kudos. The season pass is a way to win kudos, but you also earn it by meeting challenges and attending special events. Kudos can be exchanged in the store for decorative items such as costumes and color combinations.

You can buy cosmetics for real money, but you definitely do not have to do that. (Note: a currency called Show-Bucks is required to acquire selected items that can be purchased in Autumn boys shop.) Decorative items like costumes and theater do nothing to actually enhance your gameplay; they are just to see. Of course, playing gives you lots of currency in the game, which you can exchange for decorative goodies.

9. Some In-Game Shop Tips

The shop in the game (which again you do not have to spend real money on) has a number of items that are regularly cycled in and out. Kudos items are available to all players and exist for about a week, while daily items are random and last for only 24 hours. This means that if you see a daily item that you want to redeem, try earning kudos for it soon because you never know when it’s back in your store.

I advise you to check out the store when you start playing so you know if you have a Kudos earnings target or not. (I may be guilty of playing for hours at a time just to earn enough kudos to make my guy look like a rainbow drink.)

10. How to customize your bean

To change the look of your guy, navigate to the clothes hangers tab in the main menu. Here you can choose between different patterns, clothes and theater. Earn more customization options by joining season tickets or redeeming your Kudos in the shopping cart tab.

11. Take your time; Losing weight is fun too!

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This is no problem, but the best way to get better is to simply play. Over time, you will learn how to navigate each board, how to avoid certain obstacles, and how to handle your damn, top-heavy beanbag chair. Also, do not be put off by losses. Keep playing and you will become a professional in no time.

12. Take advantage of the season ticket

While it used to be free, the season goes by Autumn boys now costs around $ 8. Although it is necessary to buy the season pass to unlock all the available cosmetics, several cool items can be unlocked without spending a dime. After each game you play, you earn Fame, which equals experience points. Over time, as you play more and earn more fame, you will automatically receive rewards such as costumes, cinemas and name tags.

13. Play defense

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In team events where you have to work together, the best offensive can be a good defense. If other players on your team are playing aggressively, stay close to your side and try to thwart the plans of players trying to score.

14. Tips for Tricky Boards

In general, try to avoid the edges of suspended ground so that you do not fall if you fall of. Always keep your joystick pointed in the direction you are trying to go; if your fallen guy manages to get up again, you want to make sure he knows where he’s going. In games where you try to avoid other players, you need to turn on player names – it will help you to be aware of everyone’s whereabouts. In rounds with rotating discs, try not to fight against the floor – let it lead you closer to your goal.

There are plenty of tips for specific maps across the web, but here are a few that may help.

  • Door line: Do not try to be rogue. Trying to smash doors down and avoid the crowd is risky. Instead, navigate to already open doors and let the crowd carry you forward.
  • Knight fever: The large, swinging, pointed tree trunk towards the end? This is the community called Thicc Bonkus, and it’s a real pain. Try to stick to the middle of the path and timing your run so you avoid the hanging obstacle. You can also skip the smaller holes in the ground.
  • The Whirlygig: A well-timed dive can take you past the rotating blower blades and directly to freedom.
  • See saw: Stick to the center of the saws and try to predict which direction the next tilts. Keep your joystick tilted while trying to balance – it can help you fight gravity long enough to ward off a fall.
  • Perfect match: Focus on the tiles immediately around you, and try not to pay too much attention to them in the opposite corner of the board.

15. Spectator

Specting happens automatically when you are eliminated or if you qualify before other players. It’s a great damage-seeking tool that allows you to giggle merrily over the deaths of your opponents, but it’s also useful. Observing how other players shoot past obstacles will teach you homework for future gameplay.

16. Remember who you are

It may sound silly, but a trick that can help you become a better player is to remember which guy is your Guy. The game is full of neon colors and disgusting patterns, and if you lose track of which character is yours, you will definitely end up running in the wrong direction at some point. A distinctive headpiece or costume can make it easier.

17. To sabotage or not to sabotage?

Some players like to troll other players by grabbing them, often near difficult obstacles or just before the finish line. If this is your style of play, keep an eye on the qualified counter in the top right corner – otherwise someone may hit you to the ultimate goal while doing mischief.

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