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If you have kids and they like to read, Amazon Kids + makes financial sense. It provides access to a confusing selection of books, as well as movies, apps, music, games and more, all at a relatively low monthly price. If you tried to buy the same number of books without Amazon Kids +, you would quickly break down.

But Amazon’s definition of what’s age-appropriate may not match yours. In any case, every child is different and it is a decision that only you as a parent can make. But even the most casual parent will likely have some control over what their child sees on their Amazon device.

This means you need to take an active part in your child’s Amazon Kids + experience. To help you, we’ve explained here how to filter content and keep track of what your kids are doing on the platform. And be sure to check out our other parenting guides, including the best kids podcasts and best STEM toys for kids.

Create a profile

To get started, you need to create a child profile.

  • Open the Amazon Kids + app.
  • If this is your first time using it Add child profile the screen will pop up. Otherwise, select Add a child on the website to add another profile.
  • Enter your child’s name and date of birth. Amazon uses the date of birth to control what content your child sees. You do not have to spend your child’s actual birthday; just pick something close so that the original content becomes what Amazon considers appropriate for that age.

This is where you also enter a PIN that you need to remember. This PIN is required to complete Amazon Kids + on your device. If you do not want your child to be able to leave Kids + on their own, keep the PIN code secret.

Once you’ve created a child profile, it can be used to sign in to any Amazon device. Your kids can read their books on a Kindle or use the Kindle app on other devices, as well as watch movies, play games, and access the Internet on other devices, such as a Fire tablet or Kids Echo Dot.

Manage the content

Once your child’s profile is set up, go to Parent Dashboard to control the content your child sees. Most controls can be accessed via the app, but it is often easier to configure and manage Amazon Kids + via web interface.

The bad news is that your control is limited. In Amazon’s words, there are “thousands of age-appropriate books, movies, and TV shows for children ages 3 to 12.” It’s a lot of content and there’s no way anyone can figure it all out. Amazon assured WIRED that all content is hand-curated. Although algorithms can recommend related content, the pool has all been researched by humans.

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