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Apple’s worldwide developers The conference started Monday with a keynote speech, and the company used the stage to announce a lot of new software updates and the misguided pieces of hardware. Instead of sticking to the all-virtual event format Apple has been running during the pandemic, this WWDC was a strange hybrid of pre-recorded video played to a live audience at the company’s headquarters in California. As expected, Apple went big on the software updates. But there’s also a new MacBook Air and a new M2 processor.

Read on for all the news Apple announced today and check out the rest of WIRED’s WWDC 2022 coverage.

New MacBooks

Photo: Apple

Hi, look, there’s a new MacBook Air! Normally, it would be surprising to see a laptop launched at a software event, but the long-awaited laptop was expected by experts. That 2022 MacBook Air has a new cover design that is 20 percent thinner than the previous model, and it has slimmer frames around the screen and a smaller notch for webcam at the top of the screen. Also big news: It has MagSafe. The magnetic charging sticker appears on the new MacBook Air instead of the Thunderbolt charging that Apple has been moving towards lately. The MagSafe addition also frees up the two Thunderbolt USB 4 ports. Inside, there’s a new M2 chip (more on that below) that improves performance and battery life. Apple says the new Air gets 18 hours on a single charge, even while playing videos all the time. The new laptop weighs just 2.7 pounds, comes in four different colors and starts at $ 1,199.

There is also a new one 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M2 chip inside. Apple says it gets up to 20 hours of battery life and can be upgraded with 24GB of memory and a 2-TB SSD. The Pro starts at $ 1,299.

M2 chips

Apple M2 computer chip with glowing colors

Photo: Apple

Apple’s new chip is built on the same proprietary hardware that the company has packed into most of its new machines. This second-generation chip has an 8-core CPU, which Apple says is 18 percent faster than the CPU on the M1. The GPU has up to 10 cores, and Apple claims that it provides 25 percent higher performance than its predecessor. It will be available in the new MacBook Air and a new 13-inch MacBook Pro.

iOS 16

iPhones that display iOS 16 lock screen settings

Photo: Apple

The next version of the iPhone’s operating system is coming this fall, and it comes with a lot of quality of life updates. The lock screen becomes more customizable. Now you can make a series of visual changes without having to unlock the screen. Just tap and hold to change colors and fonts, or enable widgets that give you access to things like your calendar, workout apps, and photos. Apple also links its Focus app to the lock screen. Set a lock screen for each of your focus modes, and your notifications and apps will be filtered to show what’s relevant to your current state, helping you avoid those constant texts and distractions.

Apple also added some updates to Messages. Perhaps most notable is the ability to edit and even delete texts after they have been submitted. The voice-to-text dictation feature also gets some enhancements, such as the ability to flow between voice and finger inputs, something that is activated by the keyboard remaining on the screen while you dictate. Apple’s Live Text feature has been updated to allow you to copy text directly from videos, images, and the translation app. In Apple Maps, a Multistop scheduling feature allows you to plot up to 15 different stops along your journey.

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