Absent Code attribute in the method which is not native or abstract in the javax / mail / MessagingException class file

It doesn’t work because the classes from dependency javax/javaee-api/provided they are purpose built. They are not usable runtimes because the methods implementation is missing.

Simply add classes from the dependency javax.mail/mail/1.4.5 al classpath doesn’t help, because classes from javax/javaee-api/provided are already present. Having only addiction to javax.mail/mail/1.4.5 solves your problem, but most likely you need other classes from javax/javaee-api/provided.

What you can do is get rid of the addiction javax/javaee-api/provided and obtain these classes, for example, from the dependencies provided by the target application server. For example, you can use the following:


Since the scope is provided, it does not affect the artifact to be constructed. That’s why you can use this with other application servers than JBoss too. It’s the same API as your original dependency, but it contains normal classes.

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