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There is no space like Target. While shopping online does not instill the same madness as getting lost in Bullseye’s Playground, it is Target Deal Days sale still offers an intriguing excuse to browse the virtual hallways. (As if any of us ever needed another excuse to make a quick Target run.)

Sales run through July 13, and while it may be a direct competitor to Amazon Prime Day, the vast majority of these agreements does not require a membership to act. Some of the offers are only available to Target Circle members, however the program is free to attend– and it is worthwhile to participate if you shop at Target yourself semi-regularly.

The WIRED Gear team tests products year-round and sorts through hundreds of thousands of deals by hand to make those choices. Deleted products are sold out or no longer discount. Our Amazon Prime Day cover page has the latest stories, and our Prime Day Shopping Tips will help you avoid bad deals. You can also get one 1-year subscription to WIRED for $ 5 ($ 25 discount) here.

Updated July 12, 2022: We’ve updated prices and links throughout, adding numerous Nest products, Google Pixel phones, and the Pixel Buds A-Series.

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Games and entertainment offerings

Pixel Buds A-Series.

Photo: Google

You can be on a quick call and watch Will Byers cries over his crushor listen to Selena sing Bidi Bidi Bom Bom – it does not matter if you have Google Pixel Buds A-Series. These are our favorite earplugs for most people with their ergonomic design, balanced sound and IPX4 water resistance.

Gloomhaven is one of the most popular – and most expensive – table games out there. The jaws of the lion can be played as a standalone game or as an extension to original. It is suitable for two or more players aged 14 and over.

A host of Lego sets are on sale, ranging from $ 10 Classic brick sets to Minecraftthemed models. The inclusive Duplo and Friends lineups are also included in this sale. The quality of the deal depends on what set you are looking at, but the discounts are generally good, especially for parents who want to entertain their children this summer.

Measure only circuit members

This workbook is a great option for soon-to-be kindergarten kids, and the coupon brings it down to just $ 3 for Target Circle members. Choose free in-store pickup, where applicable, to skip shipping fees. Be sure to check these out offer of school supplies for additional student savings.

This sale has nearly 50,000 titles to choose from, including classics for children and thrillers for adults. The discount is automatically reflected at checkout.

Household and outdoor offerings

Hoover PowerDash.

Photo: Hoover

This is not an uncommon sale on our budget carpet cleaner, so there is no need to rush to add it to your shopping cart. But if you are already in the market, we think you will like this one for small stains (if you have a large old house that needs serious deep cleaning, you may need to go for something bigger). It is light and easy to maneuver around, and the trigger for dispensing solution sits right on the handle. There are also separate tanks for clean and dirty water that can be removed for rinsing. This the price is matched at Amazon.

The larger Hoover SmartWash we like is also set up from Target, though cheaper at Amazon right now.

There is a wealth of clothing and shoes for sale. The committee includes opportunities for men, women and children. It is also not limited to just shirts and pants – you can also get offers on shoes and swimwear. Prices are reflected on the product page.

KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus.

Photo: KitchenAid

While it is not difficult to find deals on stand mixers around shopping holidays, this model comes in some unique and beautiful colors. KitchenAid mixers are popular for good reason. They are great for baking as well as cooking in general. Although this discount is good, it is best to wait until Black Friday to buy these if you are dead set on getting the lowest possible price (possibly $ 200- $ 250).

Nothing screams “high school” like one of those bad boys. That kind of pillows are never real comfortable, but they are handy for homework, goodnight reading and movie nights. This has an airy cover for extra softness.

These kinds of clothes storage racks have become popular online over the last few years. They are great for small apartments or bedrooms, especially if you have limited storage space. This stand has shelves on the side for storing shoes or storage buckets – a feature that is hard to find in other similar price editions. Consider Gen-Z cool points as an added bonus.

Health and beauty deals

Theragun Elite

Photo: Therabody

There are many cheaper massage guns you can buy (and we like a lot of them), but Pro is the best among Theragun’s line. Theraguns (made by Therabody) are a bit like Kleenex in the percussive device world. It is the quietest of the brand’s units and comes with five attachment heads to soften various muscles.

Mini is also reduced to $ 160 ($ 40 discount), if you really want a Theragun but want to use as little as possible. However, there are better options than the Mini. The triangular designs on the other Theraguns make them much more ergonomic. Theragun Prime, which we did not test, is $ 250 ($ 50 discount).

We think most people would be fine with Theragun Elite, including athletes, but this Pro is the beast in the line and emits 60 pounds of power, whereas Elite spends 40 pounds. It also has a rotating arm, so it’s even easier to get the accessory to hit the right place. If you have the money to spend, you will like it, but $ 500 is a great price on sale.

Theragun Wave family

Photo: Therabody

You can still enjoy some of Therabody’s technology without putting off hundreds. This Wave Roller combines traditional foam rolling with the vibrations of a massage. It does not come quite as effectively in knots, but you can pair it with a cheaper massage gun if you need it.

Smart Home Deals

Nest Audio

Photo: Google

Google Nest Audio has surprisingly good sound quality for a smart speaker. We like to connect two of them together for even better sound quality, and with this sale it is easy to justify. That Nest Mini Smart Speaker is also on sale for $ 30 ($ 20 off)so you can get something with a smaller profile or just add to your Nest ecosystem.

A smart screen is incredibly versatile and acts as a video player, as a way to communicate with others or as a glorified digital frame, if that’s your thing. Nest Hub Max does all these things really well, and although these often go on sale, we only recommend getting it when it is discounted. If video chat is not your thing, Nest Hub (2nd generation) smart screen is on sale for $ 55 ($ 45 off) – that’s $ 111 less than Max for a smart display that’s still great!

Google households looking to improve their security games need look no further: Nest Cam is your best bet. It works with Google Assistant, has 1080p with HDR and night vision, and it even has a good, clear speaker and microphone. For a wired, indoor option Nest Cam (indoor, wired) costs $ 79 ($ 21 off).

With summer dog days come sad, sometimes disabling temperatures. The Nest thermostat can help keep your home cooler (while saving you a little money in the process) by learning your favorite settings and adjusting accordingly. Plus, with smart temperature adjustments, you also help save the planet little by little with your reduced energy consumption.

Nest Doorbell

Photo: Google

Ding dong, the nest (doorbell) is amazing! No really. This would probably be our favorite video doorbell camera if it were not so expensive, so this is a great chance to get something a little better for a lot less. This is the lowest price it has been and comes in at a third less than usual.

Not all TVs are smart, but fortunately they do not have to wish for a brain like that Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz. You can just connect a Chromecast with Google TV, and voila! You get all the benefits of a smart TV (Youtube, Netflix and other apps) at your fingertips with the included remote control.

Smart Phone offers

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Photo: Google

Google Pixel 6 Pro got a rare WIRED score of 9/10 – a pretty big thing around here. We absolutely loved the camera quality with its Real Tone feature that captures different skin tones incredibly well. It also has a long-lasting battery, a smooth OLED screen and an incredibly fast refresh rate. If you do not need all the features of the Pro, you can select Google Pixel 6 Android Smartphone (256GB) which is turned on sale for $ 599 ($ ​​100 discount).

Offers on everything else

Photo: Target

Measure only circuit members

This is an extremely easy way to make your purchases even cheaper. Let’s say you have $ 100 worth of merchandise from the Deal Days sale in your shopping cart. Buy a gift card for that amount using this coupon and you save an additional 5 percent on what you planned to buy. The card can be delivered via e-mail or SMS, so as long as your coveted items are not sold out immediately, this deal is worth it.

Spend at least $ 50 on food and beverages and choose free pick-up or same-day delivery to receive a free $ 10 gift card. There are a few exceptions to this agreement, but it’s an easy way to save some money if you still had plans to rebuild some groceries.

If you are a member of Target Circle, it is worth checking if your account is eligible for this offer, which gives you a 10 percent discount on a purchase. The offer expires on July 13. There is a list of exclusions and not all accounts are eligible. Your mileage may vary.

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