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It’s official now the first weekend of summer so it’s time to get out of the house. Whether your destination is a campsite, a beach or just the stain of grass behind your house, the weather has become too good to see it from the wrong side of a window. This weekend we have found a few great outdoor deals that can help you get out there.

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Beach offer

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Igloo EcoCool

Photo: REI

Never run out of cold drinks and snacks on the beach again, even if you have brought the whole family and a few friends with you. 90 quarts equals about 85 liters, which means that this cooler has the storage capacity of a large suitcase – the kind you need to check at the airport. The wheels and handle make it painless to lug it across the parking lot, though you may need a friend to help carry it when you reach the sand.

I’ve tested a lot of folding and beach chairs, and this is one of the most – maybe even that most — comfortable I have sat in. The construction feels solid, the wooden armrests are a welcome touch for long periods of relaxation, and the entire chair can hold up to 250 pounds.

If you’re like me, the first few minutes after arriving at the beach give you the uneasy feeling of being a raw pork chop that has just hit the grill. Save your skin with this overhead sunshade made for mounting in deep beach sand. The Grande model is large enough to fit seven people downstairs, and the aluminum hardware makes it easy to carry at just around 6 pounds.

These are truly the original cult sunglasses. Ray-Ban Aviators means metal frames and quality coatings that do not easily wear off the surface of the lenses, which is a problem with many cheap sunglasses. That polarized version are also on sale for $ 170 if you tend to use them around the water and want to cut some of the glare that reflects from the waves.

Backyard offer

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Solo stove bonfire

Photo: REI

We are big fans of the Solo Stove series here at WIRED. Associate Review Editor Parker Hall says the larger Yukon model (7/10, WIRED recommends) has almost indestructible build quality and efficient burning design, and is easy to ignite. Bonfire is a size smaller, which however is more suitable for those with limited space all sizes of Solo Stove fireboxes is for sale right now. (It includes Solo Stove’s new pizza oven).

WIRED senior writer Scott Gilbertson gave this grill high marks for its ability to use both charcoal and gas. Yes I know. Madness. But great madness, because now you can saturate the charcoal grills or switch to clean-burning propane if you cook for a large group and do not want to mess with so many briquettes. It also has a side burner for heating accessories, which is a nice touch.

Not everyone has two trees with perfect spacing in their backyard to hang a hammock up. This is where this tripod comes into the picture. Place your hammock anywhere you want with this stand, which can hold up to 300 pounds. The hammock is it not included, but it fits any Kammock-made hammock, such as Roo Single Recycled (for sale for $ 56) and Roo Double Recycled (for sale for $ 64).

Camping and hiking offers

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Salomon X Ultra 3

Photo: Salomon

These are my favorite shoes for day hikes, long walks and approaching outdoor climbing routes. I have put hundreds of miles on my pair alone in the past year, including several week-long trips where I sometimes hiked up to 15 to 17 miles a day. From desert sand to tropical mud, they were ultra comfortable and gripping. These do not have Gore-Tex water-repellent lining, but I see it as positive. They breathe easier and when wet, they dry out much faster. That women’s size is on sale at the same price.

Hydro Flask makes some of my very favorite recyclable water bottles, thanks to the leak-proof caps and a hard-as-nails coating. While a vacuum-insulated bottle is a luxury on any hike longer than a day, it is worth the extra weight when camping at a fixed height so you can have ice-cold water all weekend.

Base Camp 4 is large enough for four people, and the two doors and vestibules reduce the number of tent mates climbing on top of each other. With a maximum interior height of 60 inches, not everyone will be able to get up, but it is enough ground clearance to put on and take off. The rods and rod sleeves are color coded to also make the setup easier.

Forget about fiddling with the flashlight or trying to place a lantern just just as you pitch your tent, make a late dinner or pack before sunrise for the amazing hike. Mount your light on your noggin and go hands-free. Spot 400 is one of the reliable staples in hiking gear. Many people swear to them for their reliability, watertightness and red light setting that is easy on the eyes at night. It runs on three AAA batteries, so you do not have to worry about recharging it away from home.

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